About Us

8 years ago, our founders recognized that the emergence of transactional platforms and ubiquitous technology would change the world as we know it. Through leveraging this trend and developing cutting edge platforms, our team has served over 400,000 users and grown to an 8-figure global company. We have empowered countless people to work from home and live a fulfilling life of freedom!

Over the last 3 years, INFINii has specifically focused on eCommerce and revolutionized the way average people interact in it - changing hundreds of thousands of people from pure consumers to active participants who earn a viable income from it.

Now, INFINii is finally putting into play the ultimate vision of its founders - combining the worlds of eCommerce, Digital content, Freelance Service exchange, and the most basic of them all, Human Interaction that fuels the growth of this revolutionary concept.

As we continue to grow, in numbers and in character as a company, we are more excited than ever to see you join in and continue the journey with us!

INFINii ~ endless possibilities begin here.

Hitesh Juneja

The creative force behind all that encompasses INFINii, Hitesh Juneja is one of the new breed of innovative tech millionaires who believes we are at the cusp of the next technological revolution and he has positioned INFINii to be at the forefront of that coming revolution.

Educated in the fields of Biotechnology and Genetics, Hitesh approaches all business endeavors with an analytical mindset, focused on problem-solving. Thanks to this approach, online platforms built by Hitesh have already served over 300,000 users and generated over $2.5 billion in gross revenues, making him one of the most prolific and successful entrepreneurs of this generation.

Prior to these substantial successes, Hitesh already had a well founded reputation as an online marketing genius due to surpassing the $40 million mark in dollars being generated from his online sales pages and funnel systems. His systems, training, traffic and lead generation have been directly responsible for some of the best known promotions on the internet across numerous industries.

Over time Hitesh has developed multiple marketplaces ranging from ecommerce and affiliate marketing to digital publishing and network marketing. With INFINii all of these markets are combined into the first singular ecosystem where true commercial activity across multiple domains can be combined to benefit the average user.

On a more personal side, Hitesh aims to help eliminate childhood cancer after experiencing it firsthand with his youngest son. To this end, Hitesh supports multiple research projects and charities with the aim of bringing novel, groundbreaking therapies to the world through the forthcoming INFINii Medical program.

Kevin Hokoana

Kevin Hokoana is a retired Master Sergeant with the United States Air Force and brings an extensive skill set to his role of overseeing INFINii’s day-to-day operations.

Kevin began his Online Marketing career with the clear mandate of providing a better life for his family while serving overseas in Japan. Applying the personal and mental discipline skills he learned during his years of military service, Kevin systematically became an expert in the world of internet driven sales.

Kevin is credited with pioneering the concept of ‘Selfless Building’ and by applying his knowledge of online marketing and lead generation, has personally sponsored many thousands of people globally. More impressively, Kevin’s many students have personally sponsored tens of thousands into various business successes. His talent for both teaching and team building has resulted in top 5 positions with multiple high profile Network Marketing companies.

With special emphasis on Content Creation and Online Marketing and Development, Kevin is a hands-on executive whose expertise greatly benefits all of INFINii’s divisions.

Jason Rose

Jason’s great sense of humor and sincerity are appropriate compliments to his financial tenacity when it comes to crunching numbers. Jason’s financial skills are only equaled by his entrepreneurial drive which was clearly evident early in his career running a medical practice and launching an internationally successful Hyperbaric Chamber company.

Many early business achievements resulted in Jason becoming well known and trusted by members of his profession as well as others in the business management and marketing sectors. Jason has taught many other doctors and healthcare professionals how to properly manage their spreadsheets and market their individual practices so they too could run a successful business.

Jason is also owner and CFO of another successful 8 figure global business which has resulted in the formation of critical relationships with global payment processors, banking institutions, accounting firms and some of the biggest names in the world of finance, all of which have been beneficial in growing INFINii .

Carly J. Hahn
Director, U.S. Product Development

Carly has been in the Internet Marketing field for over 25 years. During that time she came to realize that she loves to teach people all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Blogging on WordPress, Online Branding, and How to Generate a REAL Income without promoting anything.

Carly cleverly combines her extensive knowledge and experience of Internet marketing to create all of the product training videos we offer. Our video training system actually walks you through each step to get top rankings on Google, Amazon and eBay.

"Taking 25+ years experience and walking you through the EXACT steps that I took to get complete online domination. There is nothing like it anywhere. No one ever took the time to actually walk you through the steps as they are made."

Bill Papacharalampous
Director, E.U. Product Development

Bill is a former Military Officer who Graduated from Hellenic Naval Academy (Greece) and then joined Special Forces Greece (Underwater Demolition Team) and NATO Anti-piracy Forces. After the military Bill started his own eCommerce business as an immigrant in Scotland quickly achieving success on Amazon and eBay in both Europe and the U.S.A. His YouTube Channel ranks #1 for eCommerce and Affiliate Marketing in both Cyprus and Greece.

The discipline, structure and dedication Bill aquired during his military career enabled him to teach thousands of people how to build a successful eCommerce businesses in Europe during the economic crisis.