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The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy.


This eBay Error is returned to the listing in INFINii, directly from eBay, telling you that "The item cannot be listed or modified. The title and/or description may contain improper words, or the listing or seller may be in violation of eBay policy."  There are actually numerous things that can cause eBay is returning error. 

Here are just some of the possible reasons why eBay may be returning this error:


1) You're a new eBay Seller


If you're a new eBay seller, you actually must create your first listing through your eBay account itself, as mentioned in the Prime eBay training section. This means that you cannot create your first eBay listing in the ALC.


2) Your Seller Account does not have enough positive feedback


If you're a new eBay seller, you need to make sure you have enough positive feedback in order to use a third party lister like the Advanced Listing Creator (ALC). Otherwise, you will see this error returned due to not enough established positive feedback for your seller account.


3) You have improper or prohibited eBay terms in your listing


Certain text in the listing may violate an eBay policy, causing the error to show in the ALC. INFINii unfortunately is not able to determine where these terms may be in the listing description, so you'll need to try removing some terms in the title and/or description and then try publishing the listing. If the listing goes through after an adjustment in the title, you then know some terminology in the title was causing this error.


4) Your selling limit may have been reached


You may possibly have reached your selling limit for your eBay account, whether relating to the total number of items you can list or total $ amount of your listings. If this is the case, please contact eBay directly to increase your selling limits as stated in the Prime training.


5) Your Seller Account may require acceptance of new eBay terms


There are occasions when eBay may update their selling terms and conditions.  You are required to accept the new terms.  You can log into your eBay Seller Account and accept new selling terms and conditions, you will normally receive a message from eBay with instructions.


6) You are trying to list an Auction with a quantity higher '1'


Auctions in eBay cannot be listed with a quantity higher than '1'. Make sure your quantity for Auction Listings is set to '1' and nothing else, in order for the listing to publish.


7) Use of email address and/or '@' anywhere in your listing


eBay does not allow email addresses to be visible anywhere in your listing, even including the Return Policy section. Make sure you don't have your email address visible in your listing and/or any '@' symbols.


8) Incorrect 'Category' assignment


There are times that trying to post an item to an incorrect category can cause this error as well.  Always try to change the category before issuing a support ticket on this error. The ALC is very good at suggesting the right category.


9) Your eBay account may have been compromised


If your account has been accessed from multiple locations, this can cause eBay to reset the password.  You will be required to check your messages to find the message from eBay and follow the instructions.


10) Prohibited from Listing Items by eBay


eBay may have prohibited you from listing items and they may need to contact eBay's Safe Harbor Department.


11)  Automatic Payment Method Missing


As mentioned in the Prime training, you are required to add your PayPal email and an automatic payment method for your eBay fees (this can be PayPal as well).


12) PayPal Account on Hold



As mentioned in the Prime eBay training, if PayPal requires additional information from you during the account setup you will not be able to use the PayPal account until these documents have been received and approved by PayPal.

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